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Thursday, July 13, 2006


I'm hitting the floor running this morning ... I've just fallen out of bed, checked my emails very briefly, and now I'm heading straight over to my stitching corner to get cracking on that 2nd NASCAR - won't be moving much over the next 48 hours as the deadline is upon me and I only have 1 square inch stitched of the 2nd car yet hmmm. Lack of sleep severely threw out my stitching plans over the last couple of days ... b*gger!

But before I do, here's the latest SBQ which suggested by Carol and is:
"Since you started blogging, have you noticed any difference in your stitching habits? Tell us about them."
The answer is "definitely" ... I've bought more stitching items than I have in years (you enablers, you), and I've found my tastes changing in that I'll drool over someone else's finish then want to stitch it too - it's definitely broadening my horizon stitching-wise. I also notice that I'm stitching more regularly, as it's nice to see the WIP piccies in progress - it's also nice to get encouragement from my fellow stitching bloggers when I hit the wall, as well as being nice to cheer them on too through their own blogs. Thanks ladies, you're all an inspiration to me! :D It's great to see some pieces getting finished for a change ... blogging rocks!!


Blogger Von said...

Good luck getting the NASCAR block done!

6:13 AM  

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