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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Thank goodness for stitching!

How do people cope with day-to-day stresses if they don't stitch? It makes me wonder - isn't it lucky stitchers have such a fantastic outlet that is not just creative, but a fantastic stress relief and calming solution.

Today I couldn't wait to get home and stitch - it's been an awful day at work - stitching is the only solution I can think of. What is it that makes people so feral sometimes? I relieve on the 'supervisor hotline' at work in our call centre - today an escalated call came through from a VIP member ... he started by just ripping into the previous staff member extremely rudely, then said "and what are you going to do about it?". I responded that I wasn't sure what the issues were, and could we discuss what the problems were in more detail ... the response was that I was an "unhelpful b*tch" and further angry yelling that continued on regardless of what I said. I won't into more details, but basically I'm losing my job because I didn't answer the phone quick enough, didn't apologise in exactly the right place, and "have no pride in my work". I managed to hold my tongue pretty well, but there's no need for such abuse to be given the minute I picked the phone up. I'm usually pretty good, and can diffuse most complaint situations, but this man was out of control and totally irrational ... I could have read the McDonald's menu to him and he would have exploded - totally irrational, phew!! So, because of this man, I am now forced into having to spend the evening stitching ;-P

So, again, I say "thank goodness for stitching" - you are our saviour!!!


Blogger Rowyn said...

I wonder what non-stitchers get up to too! Sorry you had such a bad day... I would have politely told him I wasn't going to speak to him any longer and set the phone down on him. You shouldn't have to listen to that! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

5:50 PM  

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