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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Why does a UFO become a UFO?

The last two days I’ve dragged out an old UFO from the box, and managed to put a few stitches into it. Now I remember why this particular project became a UFO (UnFinished Object) in the first place!! It is the most dreadfully boring piece to stitch – mainly greys and drab blues, it really doesn’t inspire me to pick up the needle. But pick up the needle, I must …

I am giving this piece to my lifelong best friend Vicki, and her husband John, as their wedding present. I originally joked for them not to expect it until their 10th wedding anniversary … I didn’t think it would be a serious statement at the time, but as time is marching merrily along, it’s getting closer and closer every year. Well, I decided it was high time that I put some serious effort into this piece. I’m sure the finished project will be nice to see, but boy oh boy it’s hard going to find the enthusiasm I need to stitch this!

I’m about to start a Mirabilia SAL (stitch-along), which takes place the 3rd week of every month, so that should give me enough of a break from this project. Not sure if I’ll keep going until it’s actually finished, but every stitch put into it is a stitch closer to the final product, and I’ll keep going until I’m ready to slit my wrists from boredom ;-P


Blogger Carol said...

I've been trying to guess - what is this UFO?

5:15 AM  
Blogger Tannia said...

Hi Anne (by way of Nicole in Berlin's Blog)

For this project it might be useful if you set yourself a goal of say 100 or 200 or so stitches, then 'reward' yourself with stitching on something else. That way you make a little progress and every little bit helps. I have a project like this one at the moment too.

You can read about 'the fairy" on my blog!

7:53 AM  

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