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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Great stitching week so far...

The title of the post is perhaps a bit facetious (sp?) and very much tongue-in-cheek! I had huge plans for getting loads of stitching done this week, seeing as I'm on early shifts ... but, alas, Image hosted by Photobucket.comit's not to be ... this piccie is the sum total of last night's stitching efforts, of 1 whole hour! haha. While not stitching, though, I did something else equably as enjoyable as stitching ... if not even better! I caught up with my first 'real' blogger, Sharon, on the phone. Sharon had given me her number weeks ago, but I didn't want to phone until I felt a bit brighter within myself health and morale-wise ... and with her impending operation yesterday I felt a "need" to phone - and I have to admit that usually I don't enjoy spending hours on the phone chatting after being on the phones all day at work, but this phone call was a sheer joy! In fact 3 hours of sheer joy LOLOL. It was really lovely to chat to a fellow stitcher real-time ... thanks Sharon :) As I've said before, blogging really is amazing - what amazing doors it has opened up ... I've found some real friends here {{hugs}} to you all.

Rightio, now I'm off to put another hour's stitching into place - with any luck tonight my body will finally work out that when I go to bed at 7-8pm, it's not my intention to just nap for 2 hours, it really IS bedtime! LOL ... I think I might have to help it along with a glass of Shiraz (might not help the stitching, though) - followed by a hot milky Milo just before I hit the hay ... only one more 5am start, yippee - it will be a pleasure to change the alarm from 3.45am to 8am instead :)


Blogger Barbara said...

Congratulations on your new "real" blogger friend LOL. I can't even imagine getting up at 3:45 on purpose - argh!!

11:18 PM  
Anonymous anne lewis said...

Yeah a good shiraz will hit the spot and then a milky milo should really send you to sleep.

Here in Manila we get up at 6.10am and that is bad enough. I really do not envy you getting up at 3.45.

Happy stitching

11:44 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

Hi Anne, thank you so much for your kind offer of the Mira charts. I don't want them unless you are absolutely certain you won't stitch them!!! I do only have Winter, though. YOu are a sweetie!! Sounds like you had fun chatting with Sharon, now how cool is that??? :-)

1:33 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

blogging IS a great way to meet other stitchers....but I keep seeing more stuff I want!! LOL How neat that you got to chat "IRL" with another blogger...

2:18 AM  
Blogger Von said...

Glad that this 3:45 a.m. stuff is short term only! Years ago when I was a working girl, I had to get up at 5:30 a.m. every weekday to drive through the traffic and arrive at 8! Was I ever happy to give that up, lol!

I find that a glass of wine doesn't enable my stitching at all :( I get too relaxed I guess and make too many mistakes.

4:43 AM  
Anonymous Jenna said...

How great that you got to talk to another stitcher! Sounds like you two had a great time. :) I assume that's your Mill Hill pansy pincushion you're working on. It looks familiar, as I stitched one for my mom last Christmas ( It's a pain, but well worth the effort when you see the finished product!

6:46 AM  

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