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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Happy birthday Qantas!

Yes, the old dear turned 85 years of age today, and there were celebrations a-plenty. Everyone was permitted to wear casual clothes, with an emphasis on wearing red & white colours of course - there were red & white balloons dotted around the office, as well as party food put on for the staff ... it was a lovely relaxed atmosphere at work today. By the time the celebrations started properly, I was awake enough to appreciate them ... on the 5am shift I have to say I'm not functioning 100% until lunchtime, then the rest of the day seems to fly past - love leaving work at 1pm, I feel like a naughty school girl cutting school early haha.

Also on the work front, we had a very brief glimpse of the new Airbus A380 as it flew by - it's amazing the thing gets up in the air! If nothing else, there is always something new in the airline industry, that's for sure!

On the stitching front, I have nothing to report ... yet. However I have to force myself to stitch myself silly this afternoon just to stay awake - don't think I'll find that too much of a hardship LOL. With any luck, I'll be able to put a progress piccie up tomorrow ... I'm probably going to stitch my pansy magnet Mill Hill kit thingo - geez, my English is great! Maybe I shouldn't stitch at all - I might end up stitching everything backwards how tired I feel at the moment haha. Oh well, my needle is calling me ...

BUT before I go, I have to say ... Barbara, you absolutely crack me up - your comment had me in hysterics!! Although I have to say, I'd probably have to swap the glass of milk in the bath for a glass of bubbly ... come to think of it, the ducks could come swim in the bath as well - nothing like getting close to nature ;) LOL.


Blogger Von said...

Anne, hope you have better luck stitching while tired than I do! Usually have to rip out a good portion of what I've done.

And since you brought up champagne, one of my favorite things is cheap champagne with a bowl of popcorn. I know, it sounds crazy, but it's wonderful, lol!

4:21 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

Most people just think my sense of humor is "weird" - glad to have given you a chuckle :-).

I was fondling the coffee bean linen again today, daydreaming about being able to finally stitch something on it for myself. Got another Xmas gift done today, so that's good.

2:20 AM  
Blogger Cathy said...

I got a pretty good chuckle out of Barbara's comment too! Good luck with your stitching this week!

2:38 PM  

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