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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Happy Dance

Yippee, I managed to get my ducks square complete for my round robin - they're just gorgeous, if I say so myself ... of course I have to say that, though, as they're ducks!! (These ones are called Redheads) :D It's stitched on 32ct ivory Lugana, and the way I envisage it all is framed, with the four squares with a darkish green matt so each individual square will be surrounded in the matt - does that make sense? The whole thing is square in size, with two ducks on the top, and two on the bottom. Unfortunately I didn't have a piece of fabric the ideal size, so I've had to scrimp on the side edges of this - but I'm going to attach a strip of fabric to each side to allow the framing when it arrives home again. I hope everyone enjoys stitching on it as much as I have (but of course I'm biased, 'cos I'm duck-mad!).

Aside from that, nothing to post about really ... I'm a bit braindead today, after not getting much sleep last night. Fraze came over and I took him out for a belated birthday dinner, then we had a few drinks at home before hitting the hay at about 1am - I was awake at 5am, and took forever to get back to sleep again, then the alarm went off at 7am for Fraze to go to work. If nothing else, it'll get me back into early bed mode tonight ready for my early start at work myself tomorrow :)

The next slot on my rotation is smalls/ornaments, so I think I'll try to get an ornament stitched up, seeing as I haven't met my monthly commitments yet with that. I was hoping to stitch the Quaker Christmas Bulb from a JCS ornie issue, but my three WDW threads still haven't arrived in the mail (I still have a backorder from SB&B waiting for a French chart to arrive, along with some threads I'm desperate for), so that's a no-go yet ... I still have one ornament to stitch from my Ornament Round Robin group, so that'll probably be what I'll end up stitching next ...

Thanks again for all your supportive comments about my privacy intrusion - I've managed to get over it, and don't intend changing at all. I'm hoping it was just a once-off, and life will be back to its scheduled programming with no changes ... after all, this is who I am and this is my private space :D


Blogger Tannia said...

very lovely looking ducks there Anne :) Nicely done :)


5:24 PM  
Blogger Renee said...

Quack Quack! Your ducks look fab Anne! :)

6:15 PM  
Blogger Bea said...

Anne, great finish! I love ducks and your ones are lovely.
The fabric I'm using for my Bookshelf is Lugana 32ct, colour Hazelnut, by Silkweaver. Happy stitching!

6:55 PM  
Blogger Missy said...

Your duckies look great, Anne! I can imagine the matting just as you say.

DH & I are coming to Australia in August. We plan on spending a week just south of Melbourne. Would you please email me as I have a few questions, Thanks!


7:05 PM  
Blogger Isabelle said...

Congratulations, Anne. That square is lovely.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Sylvie said...

Your ducks are lovely. Congratulations, Anne

12:22 AM  
Blogger Lana said...

Your ducks look great!

2:12 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

I love your ducks! Congratulations on finishing your square. :)

3:08 AM  
Blogger Judith said...

Your ducks look grat Anne.

5:14 AM  
Blogger RĂ³sa said...

Your square looks nice. The ducks came out wonderful :-)

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Jenna said...

Lovely duckies, woohoo!

7:32 AM  
Blogger zoeandcooper said...

Yay...I'm dancin' with you. It is adorable and I can't wait to see the rest of the ducks that find their way onto your RR.

7:50 AM  
Blogger Nicki said...

It looks really, really great (and I'm not even a great duck fan!) And I understood what you meant about the mats - that'll be really special I think.

8:16 AM  
Blogger cathymk said...

I like your ducks too, Anne. I've always liked that little flash of colour on their wings. Of course really, I'm a chook girl.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Carol said...

Great job on your duckies :-)

1:44 PM  
Blogger Sharon said...

Your ducks look great!

2:08 PM  
Blogger Von said...

Good looking ducks there, Anne! Nice to see you stitching and having some fun. :D

2:19 PM  
Blogger Elanor said...

They are lovely, congrats!

12:33 AM  

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