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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mutter mutter mutter

Well, the heading is aimed towards my lovely gift piece ... I managed to frog stitch all that blending filament and the backstitching - but it took me all night! BF is a pain in the butt to remove anyway, without it being nice and crinkly ;) Then to top it all off, I managed to stitch my first big replacement piece of stitching ... and found I was one row out in counting - I think I'm doomed with this piece! The air round here last night matched my decor beautifully ... it was very very blue! LOL. Never mind, I'm on 6am shifts this week, so hopefully I can get a few stitches in each afternoon in daylight. I have to admit, I'm usually really careful when I'm ironing, and usually do have a towel underneath it, and a cloth over the top ... I was just feeling so under the weather I just wasn't thinking. Never mind, by hook or by crook I'll master the damned thing before the week is out! haha.

Thanks everyone as always for your comments - they're always so welcome :) And an especially big howdy to my cousin Anita, a new reader all the way from Canada - it's so nice to see you! {{waving}} You're right, Anita, I'm usually appalling at keeping in touch, so popping in here is a nice way to see what I'm up to ... especially as you're a stitcher too, 'cos that's usually all I talk about :) I'm teaching Mum a bit more about emailing and the internet when she comes over to visit next week ... so there may be blood on the carpet - either hers or mine hahahaha - no, she's actually pretty good 'cos she writes everything down :)

I've also decided I need to brush up my minimal French (by minimal, I mean I know about 4 whole sentences ... "Comment ca va?", "Je m'appelle Anne", "je ne comprends pas", and "je parle le francais petit peu seulement" haha - but there are some wonderful blogs out there written entirely in French ... and Google translater really isn't earning it's salary at all - I can barely understand the english versions, never mind the french ones! So, perhaps I have a new task for 2006/2007 ... improve my language skills LOL.

Rightio, enough dawdling on the computer - off to the "infamous project" ... let's see if I can actually do some stitching that will remain in the linen for more than 60 minutes haha.


Blogger Von said...

You are so right about our French friends' blogs! They do some gorgeous stitching :) But my high school French class was many years ago and those translators are almost worthless, as you say! So what's your plan? French tapes, classes, or a better translator? :)

4:44 PM  

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