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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

For Coral ...

Sorry Coral, I had forgotten to answer your question about framers in Melbourne - but the truth is that I don't know any yet. I'm actually an import from Auckland, and can recommend some there ;P but I've never had anything framed since moving here ... sorry, not much help to you, I'm afraid :(

Apologies for the brief post, but I just wanted to answer that question - am just popping online quickly to check emails while Fraze drives Laure back to her hotel room and to pick up Rox's suitcase ... then when they come in it will be time to say goodnight and go to bed - 2 x 6am's down, 2 x 6am's to go! :)


Anonymous Coral said...

Thank you for answering my question, even if you couldn't help. A post just for little old me!!! Wow, fame throughout the world!! (can anyone else help?)

I don't know how you manage to sound so cheery, even when you are exhausted!!
Thank you Anne

8:46 PM  

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